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The Company

Verbal Machines is an Israeli based boutique design house developing hardware based products. We develop ideas into products, and we do it quickly and professionally. We are a veteran developer of voice recognition products and are proud to be Sensory’s authorized design house. We work closely with our customers to ensure a smooth development process.


The Team

Nir Dvash

Wearing many hats, Nir Dvash brings 25 years of electronic development experience. With over a hundred successful projects, ranging from small battery powered gadgets to large scale industrial systems, Nir handles the overall project management as well as hardware and firmware development. Nir is an inventor, an out of the box thinker and a maker by heart.

Diana Dvash

As a multi disciplinary artist, Diana is responsible for the design and artwork of each of the products we develop. She will draw the initial sketches and follow the process of converting it into a real life design. As an inventor, she is responsible for shaping the future of Verbal Machines.

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