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Voice Tech

Verbal Machines is a long time player in the field of embedded voice recognition. Many years before Siri or Alexa were born, we held the philosophy that voice is the future way to communicate with the machines around us and we were already embedding voice recognition into a variety of products. We’re still here, watching our philosophy become the reality in every day of our modern living lifestyle.
If you would like to integrate a voice technology (or a few at once!) into your products we would be happy to speak with you. Our range of voice technologies include:
24 / 7 Voice Trigger:

Using a voice trigger enables your product to listen and wait for the user to activate it without the need to press any button. One great product we developed which uses a voice trigger is the Vocca voice activated bulb adaptor.



Speaker Independent Voice Recognition

Great for products that work out-of-the-box. No need for user training. Available in many languages. One great product we developed which uses speaker independent is the Tapmemo voice diary.

Speaker Dependent Voice Recognition

Uses the user’s specific voice to train the system.  One great product we developed which uses speaker dependent is the Vocally voice dialer.



Voice Biometrics – Speaker Verification

Speaker Verification offers the capability to verify whether or not a password is spoken by the original individual who enrolled it.

Record & Playback

High quality recording and playback of human voice. One great product we developed which uses record & playback is The Answer voice activated answering machine.


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