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With 25 years of electronic development background, VM can offer you, whether an individual with an idea or a company looking to develop their flag product, a vast array of services that can move an idea written on a piece of paper to mass production of a complete product. These services include:


Concept Definition:

There are many cases in which you know what you want but there are some “lose ends” that need to be carefully and thoroughly defined before moving to the design stage. We tie those ends.


Hardware Design:

Here is where the real magic happens! Taking the defined concept of what the product should do and turning it into an electronic design which includes the right components to do the job. With a strong orientation for production, the selected components not only do the job but are also chosen to meet the product's final production cost goals.


Firmware Coding:

It is very rare to find an electronic design that does not include a “brain”. This may come in a form of a tiny 6 pin micro-controller or a 176 pin processor - it does not really matter. They all need coding, which injects the “soul” into the product and makes it behave the way it does.



There is no way of moving forward without first testing what we have designed and coded. Here we take the electronic design and edit it into a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). We then buy the needed components and assemble them onto the PCB.  We then burn the code into the units and test them out.



When ready, we take the finished design and produce it. Whether you need small quantities to start with or wish to go into mass production we are there for you. With business relationships ranging from small local manufacturers to big, far east mass factories, we will be able to fit the right solution for you.

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