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Have you got that burning feeling in your fingers again? Got an idea that you have to build right now? We know. We do the same. Supporting the makers, tinkerer and all hackers out there, we have come up with some breakout boards we think you will enjoy. We continue to develop more and will post them here as we roll them out.


Clap Sensor



WonderBeeps is a wireless receiver that uses coded sound transmissions (beeps) it picks up from the air to control its outputs. That’s it, nothing less, nothing more.


We think it is a wonder, WonderBeeps.


What makes it unique is that one can transmit and wirelessly control the board from any device that emits sound, be it a TV, a mobile phone, a tablet, computer etc. You do not need to build a transmitter. Most chances are, you have five of them already in your house. Just use our smartphone App or the actual beeps as standalone audio files (or combined with your audio) to control your world. The WonderBeeps board is based on the Sensory RSC4128 IC running Sensory’s SonicNet technology.

To learn more and possibly get your own wonder, please visit our Tindie shop here

The VM-CLAP1 is a low cost, low power, microprocessor based hand clap sensor which will ignore background noises such as human speech or music and will only react to hand clapping or finger snapping.


The VM-CLAP1 is a great start if you are on your way to build a clap on/clap off lights controller or need a great clap sensor for your next Arduino / Pi project!


To learn more and possibly get one of these beauties, please visit our Tindie shop here or on  Pololu here

SoundSource (prototype stage)

Using two simple microphones and a tiny micro-controller, we are able to determine the direction in which the sound is coming from. Put this on a servo motor and you have yourself an audio based tracking system for your robot’s head. Take a look

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