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Not every idea can become a product. Infact, most ideas end up being just ideas or a basic prototype. Over the years we have accumulated a few which you can find here. If you see something you like, please drop us a line!
Street Wizers
Score based action figures toy

This toy concept was developed in 2012. Each action figure contained electronics and an Infrared transceiver used to communicate with other figures.

Here is a short promotional video we did for Street Wizers.

A B Cube
The cube spelling game

Learning to spell using this hands-on game was never so easy. Placing these magnetic letter cubes next to each other creates words that are then spoken to the child. This is a technological platform for many games to be developed.

A new fun way to learn math

Watchy is a digital wristwatch for kids that displays a simple math problem which represents the current time. To know the time the kid needs to solve the math. Each new minute brings a new math problem. The level of math problems can be easily adjusted to fit the watch to different ages and math levels.

Talk Cube
Language Learning Talking Cubes for Babies

A small cube that a baby can hold in his hands and when moved/shaked, speaks a word. When moved again, the cube will repeat that word again. Each cube will contain a single word. Many cubes will be sold each with a different word. On the sides of the cube, a picture of the word being said will be shown so for example when the baby hears the word “Daddy” he can also see a picture of a father.


An advanced version of the cube will enable the user to record his own words and will also include the option to stick a small picture to the cube’s side making it a personal cube with sounds and pictures of the babies parents, spouses, objects, loved animals and more.

Modular fighting robots

A remote controlled, two wheel tube shaped robot which can roll in all directions including fast battle spinning mode used for knocking down its opponents.

The robot is modular and so can have its wheels and other fighting accessories added, changed or removed, all according to the needs of the kid. When the robot senses a change in its attached accessories, it acts accordingly so for example, when the outdoors wheels are installed, the motor will receive more power from the controlling unit. Here is a short video showing off a prototype we have build and this is a promotional video we've also put together.

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