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"The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation"   Bertrand Russell

Cooperation. That’s the name of the game for us. For many years we have successfully collaborated with different companies to create new and ground breaking products. We bring the know how and our partners supply the capital. This concept proved itself over and over. Take a look at some of the work we have done so far.


Dating almost 15 (!!!) years and still selling, this market leader, voice activated phone dialer can connect to any landline phone and convert it into a voice activated phone with up to 60 names that can be dialled simply by saying the name you wish to dial.


Vocally was developed back in 2001 with the cooperation of GG Electronics LTD

The Answer

Back in 1869, a Danish engineer invented the first Answering Machine.
Over 137 years later, we reinvented it. This unique machine did not have buttons. It did not have a display. It interacted with you in the way you normally do. It listened, It spoke.


The answer was developed based on our original idea back in 2006 and with the cooperation of Nistec LTD


Based on our original idea and with the cooperation of Nistec LTD we developed this product called TapMemo, which was a revolutionary, handheld, battery powered voice activated personal assistant. It contained only one multi-functional button and two volume buttons. All verbal commands used to operate TapMemo were based on speaker independent voice recognition technology which means that you did not need to train the unit - it  worked 'right out of the box'.


TapMemo main features were a memo pad, a phone book, a calendar, an alarm Clock, a locking command, a unit locator and more.


Based on our original idea and in cooperation with ToyToyToy, these set of interactive speaking cuties were developed in 2010. Using ultrasound waves these toys could communicate with one another and with any source of media such as a phone or TV.


Vocca Clean 3.JPG

Vocca is a voice activated bulb adapter which can be installed with any LED light bulb and turn it into a voice activated light bulb. To learn more visit

Boogie Dice

Developed for Boogie Dice LTD in 2015, these amazing self-rolling dice will roll when you clap your hands. Boogie dice was funded with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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